Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Update

So I havent really said much since the 4th. So Ill make this quick update...

My husbands "brother" is now finally seeing his daughter thanks to my husband and I footing his legal bill so he could serve his ex and now she's sucking up to him a lot cuz she realizes she screwed up and could lose all custody of the daughter if this goes to court.
This just adds to the mell of a hess in my small place. She's quiet and relatively shy but still the same spoiled, treated like a fragile baby as she was when I first knew her. Only worse this time cuz she didnt get to see her daddy for a long while and so she's treated as even more delicate for the horror she's endured(insert eye roll). She's also a picky eater so now we have to foot a more expensive food bill to make sure there are a few things here she'll eat. Yes, I will use it all for my family if needbe but its still mostly to make sure she eats at dinner time.
Yes, Im a bit angry about it all but dont get a choice so I suck it up just like I do everything else concerning this aspect of our world.

My 7 yr old lost another tooth yesterday. That makes 2 upper teeth lost in about 2 weeks. He looks soooo cute missing those top teeth!
My 5 yr old wont potty train, he's content doing his business in diapers...guess he wont ever play a sport or take dance or go to school. Gad I wish I could get through to him.
My 3 1/2 yr old is doing excellently with potty training. He's day trained just working on the nap/night stuff.

My husband had to see a surgeon about his knee. The ortho had him get an MRI of it and it was labeled 'STAT' but when we saw the surgeon the MRI pic hadnt been sent to him only the short report which stated they saw some arthritis. So now we call next week and they call the Imaging place and then the surgeon will call if he sees other stuff in there causing the pain and will call my hubby with a plan of action.

Now we have Obama threatening vets and elderly and others on social security(that would be us)about this debt ceiling crapola. So thats added an extra fear into our hearts that wasnt necessary. Im not worried, the politicians are greedy, power mad fools but they dont want millions on their doorsteps over this and it will happen if they hold back social security from all the folks who need it to survive. Dear hubby is worried even tho he logically realizes it will be fine it still freaks him out.

Im very tired....Im slowly falling apart I can feel it but Im holding on with all I can cuz one of us in this house needs to keep it together and its gonna be me since the other adults have already lost it.

Next week is hubbys next oncology appointment so hopefully his numbers are good and we can make a new game plan for treatment cuz the pill they gave him is soooo not worth taking. It makes ya bleed and stuff and just was no good so we need to try another something or other.

Next month is searching for a new home in Utah where we want to move and raise our family. Wish us luck!!



Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!

I just hope you all have a marvelous Independance day celebration. Be safe, travel well, and enjoy!!!!