Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Much Change

So since I last posted Dans talk of ending it all has become smaller in his mind but still there.
He's swapped oncologists and they still wont do anything cuz he isnt in remission but they believe(thanks to a missing scan...namely the one the old oncologist said she wouldnt give the new dr info on)the cancer isnt active so they will do another PET scan in 3 weeks...sure go ahead blast more deadly radiation into an already weakened body that will help...and go from there.

NOONE but the oncologists seem to understand why this is being done. Why not be proactive and find something to KILL this horror?? His other drs(main and pulminologist) dont get it, they think the oncologists are being dumb too.

We scratch our head and get more confused and more blood and cant really do a damn thing about it.

So, here is what we are left with for now...

*His oxygen levels are so low he's now on oxygen full time with a portable machine. He has bad sleep apnea so he has a CPAP machine as well( as of tomorrow when they bring it).
*The oncologists are not gonna do a thing about his cancer so it gets to do whatever it wants.
*His knees, back, abdomen and head are in constant pain so they will try and get him in to a pain mgmt program.
*He is tired most of the day so sleeps a ton anymore.
*He's got a mucus ball growing in his nose so that isnt helping his oxygen situation. Its now big enough to keep him from getting air up and out of one nostril and the only solution is an operation which is risky due to his enlarged spleen and low platelet counts that could cause major bleedouts. But he may have no choice now.
*He's so depressed anymore he has been given Prozac along with everything else he's on.
*He has a hernia that he just has to deal with cuz nothing can be done about it...just like his enlarged and still growing spleen.
*When has energy only wants to hang with his "bro" and play guitar...screw me and the kids.

And to top all this off our older boy Connor does have Ulcerative Colitis, has been having a blood breakthrough for about a month now and even steroids arent fixing it now so heaven only knows what will happen next to fix this.
PLUS, he's not doing work at school and his anger is getting worse and worse towards us at home.

So now I have to fill out paperwork and get him into mental health for counseling and possibly meds...oh joy!

Anything else wanna go down???