Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Updates

Well, another month is upon us. They certainly go flying right by anymore dont they? My mother warned me that after high school the years fly and you are a grandma before you know it and she was right(except Im nowhere near grandma status yet LOL).

Lets see, updates....

*My oldest son(7) was having blood in his stool and we did tests but showed no infections or the like. However, they felt a scope might show things that regular lab tests couldnt. However, we are uninsured and it would be a nightmare bill that we'd never be able to pay if we did that. We took the strong antibiotics and the "cut out dairy" suggestions and they seem to have helped. He still has a bit of blood but I think thats mostly from straining cuz he tries to push the gas out(he's gassy too LOL) and that tears and causes issues. When Ive been able to convince him not to strain but relax and let his body do its thing he hasnt had any blood when wiping or droplets in the tank. If only he'd listen more often.
So there is progress there and we'll just keep doing as we are unless it gets worse again then we'll to the pediatric ER and pray they dont charge us anything cuz of circumstances.

*Dan and his doctor had a heart to heart at his last appointment(last week) and decided no more treatments. Dans blood marrow cannot tolerate anymore without destroying whats left and he wont do that. He wont do something that will knowingly put him into the hospital and break down his body faster than the cancer itself would do. His doctor said sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing so he agreed with Dan.

*Dan got a new PCP(primary care physician) and met him yesterday. Said he was a nice guy and on the ball. We found out, like we thought, his old PCP had passed away from his cancer battle. That spooked Dan a bit and made us sad, he was a nice guy.
The new PCP found a problem with Dans lungs. When he listened and had Dan do some sound "tests" he heard the bottom part of Dans lungs not operating as they should be so he wants an xray done asap(Tuesday morning first thing since Monday is a holiday) to see whats going on there. Hopefully it wont put him into the hospital...whatever it is. So add that to the list of things Dans worried about. He isnt feeling so hot lately as is and now I wonder if this is why...pneumonia or the like. Gad I hope not!!!

*We found a new place to live in Utah and will be moving at the end of the month. We are excited for the change and to live in a place we think the boys will enjoy. It wont be perfect but it will have 4 seasons to enjoy and we feel its a calmer place to raise the boys in. PLUS, its where Im from originally so I have most of my family and many friends still around and close by so Ill have a good support structure in place for when Dans time is up.

So there is the update...wish us luck on the move cuz we'll need it(moving sucks!!).