Saturday, September 29, 2012


So its been several months since I updated. First off...Happy Birthday to my Love, he's 50 today!

Several things have happened and Im not sure what all Ive talked about.

Connor has Ulcerative Colitis. His meds are finally working and he is off steroids which is a huge plus. He's still got serious behavioral issues and his counselors believe he has Aspergers plus anxiety and a mood disorder(hence the anger) but the meds for those things havent helped. He's getting meaner, particularly toward Devinn, everyday.

He's in second grade now and loving it and doing quite well. We have his first parent/teacher meeting on the 10th of October.

Avery started Kindergarten and loves it very much. Thats exciting to see. He was using the big toilet well until Connor said something about the water running noise was a monster so now he's back to going on the little toilet with me standing between him and the big toilet...thanks Connor.

Devinn hangs at home with me, he starts next fall. He's really wanting to go but not right now. He is getting more bull-headed and gutsy all the time.

Dans considered terminal still, been given 6 mths, maybe a year if this new treatment helps a bit. This new treatment is called Y90 and it inserts really teeny pellets full of radiation into his liver directly(via the main vein in his thigh). Wont kill it all cuz half his liver is tumor and its heading for his gallbladder. BUT it may shrink enough of it to give him a few extra months. Totally sucks all the way around.

We have been back in northern Utah for a year now and have enjoyed it. Its more peaceful here and Im happy for that.

Thats pretty much it for now.