Sunday, August 14, 2011

Into August We Go...

Nothing massively new to report.
Around the 24th we'll be going to Utah to look for a home to rent and in September(hopefully the second week)we will move up that way and be done with Vegas and Nevada once and for all!!!!

My husbands doctors still dont know what they are doing and so moving to an area with new doctors and new eyes looking at his situation will be nice too.

His doctor keeps saying "ohhh well Ill study up on some meds and see which will be better" but never does. He doesnt even remember Dan from appt to appt. Anywho, Dans not had chemo since the end of June and the pill thing wasnt gonna do it and Dan worried about taking it and all that so its a no go.
Now the doctor says there is some other chemo meds, begins with a K dont recall the full name tho LOL, that they can try on the 22nd. However, it too is a marrow surpressant which means he'll go through the same damn thing he was with the other meds...lowered platelet counts and permanent damage done to it(already is some)and so chemo cant be administered as often as they'd like.

What good is it gonna do my husband to go back on a chemo drug he wont be able to have when scheduled cuz of low and damaged platelets???? Stupid, stupid doctors. Dan wont do it, he's already made up his mind he wont try that drug because he refuses to further damage his marrow. I dont blame him, honestly at this point Id not do anymore meds....none have worked to shrink the tumors really and all they've done is ruin his marrow and his spleen has been enlarged and permanently damaged in that respect(cuz they cant fix the spleen issue).

So that is where we are now. Getting ready to look for a home and move out of this place that none of us want to stay in and start fresh and new.