Monday, March 21, 2011

Update 3/21/11

Dan had new scans done on the 7th/8th of this month. Here is what the doctor said about them(even tho we had the results ourselves days before we saw him).

Dr says his spleen is enlarged but they'll watch it, no biggie(uhhh ya it is). Dr said the 7mm mention of the tumor size isnt right. He says the tumor is really miniscule and basically Dan is in remission but they'll keep working at it. Dr now says Dan isnt necessarily gonna die but he cant predict the future noone can(well duh!) but at the same time he says Dans got a 9-13 mth life expectancy WITH treatment(even tho at the start of this all he told Dan that number was 22-24 mths). The dr just kept changing his tune at every corner.

The report says his liver tumor is shrinkage nor growth. Dr says that means its too small and more like remission. Yet when I said "so its not grown nor shrunk that means remission?" he jumped my ass(literally jumped down my throat)and went off about scan guys not reading them right and that he didnt say it was in remission just stable. So I said again "so the non growth/non shrink is a good thing and its stable so we can proceed" he jumped on me again about misunderstanding him.

The guy is an ass and Im so glad we get a new dr next month!! He spent an hour with us arguing but at every turn he changed his tune. Anything to make himself look smart and everyone else look dumb.

Dans got fatty deposits in his liver but, according to the dr, everyone does so its no big deal. We could go without chemo or we could do it if Dan wants.

So more time without chemo(that makes it a month w/o). We go back on the 30th.

Im so drained from that doctors room of gloom and doom(seriously between the two of them going at it thats what the air in the room felt like)...I cant even begin to tell you how exhausted I feel and angry and sad and how ANGRY beyond words Dan is.

Here is what I know for sure....

*Dans tumor, according to scans, is still visible and there. NOT miniscule in size.

*The tumor is growth and no shrinkage. Thats good and bad.

*Dans spleen has "significantly" enlarged since the scans in December. Nothing but watching can be done but he must be a bit more careful since you cant do anything about it really.

*There are fatty tissues in the liver that werent there in the December scan.

*Im freakin' exhausted in every way possible.

Thats the update...for now.

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