Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updates From The Front...

I really stink at updates and I havent a clue why because so much is going on within my being that I should get it out otherwise it becomes a mixed up mess.

However, here is a quick update on where we stand and later I will update my emotions and the other bits and pieces that have overwhelmed my soul lately.
Dans cancer is considered liver even tho its not really liver cancer it just "set up shop" there. He had a lung biopsy last week but havent gotten word on those results yet.

He begins chemo on the 30th so next Monday. 
We have been at moms off and on since we lost our place in July but have been able to get some temp. housing starting Thursday(its a extended stay hotel place). We can be there for 28 days thats all the program allows so after that we are hoping to have a more permanent place for the duration of his chemo time(once a week, 4-5 hr sessions each time, 3 mths long).

We finally got some finances in order with the retro unemployment he was due and SSDI and hopefully SSI as well. That will be tended to this week.
I will start some homeschooling in a couple of weeks, I need to see how chemo goes for Dan and how he reacts before I set up a school schedule for the boys.

Life is being taken one day at a time right now and I think it will be like that for many years to come and thats alright. I think it makes me appreciate all that I am and have doing it that way instead of worrying so much about future effects.
I think thats the main update. Finally an upswing in our lives but now the big stress and worry begins with his chemo. If anyone has ideas about food let me know cuz Ill be stocking up this weekend on Essures and stuff like that and stuff for soft casseroles, etc.

Be Blessed...I Am!!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband that must be an awful thing to have to go through. My thoughts and prayers will be sent your way. My grandfather had cancer and was on chemo and all that so if you would like i can ask my mom what was the easiest for him to eat. Just stay strong and keep your head up high. Best wishes to your family...