Friday, November 12, 2010


I dont like you at all.

You make lives harder not only mentally but emotionally and physically. Its irritating and I wont let you win.
You may think you have me beat cuz occasionally you take control but you havent won the battle nor the war.

NO ONE can control me except me. You may think otherwise but that isnt so, so get over yourself.

So there!!!!!

UPDATE on Dan:
He had an MRI this week as well as a head CT. Head CT came back clear(YAY)but we havent gotten the results of the body MRI yet. Next week he'll have a PET scan too.

He went into the hospital last week cuz of low red blood counts, had to have a transfusion at the hospital(spent the night). I hated him being gone but such is life right now. It didnt do much good, he didnt get peppier he got weaker and more tired.

Today was to be chemo again but he's at the hospital again for another transfusion cuz his numbers were even worse this week than last.

Frankly, if you get a transfusion it should work plain and simple!! Thats how my logic works in these cases. Im not happy he's at it again and I feel horrible but again...such is life. We will get through this and go on.

Thanksgiving is the next holiday in line and we will go to moms which should be nice. Day after his big chemo session tho so he'll be tired probably but he wants to go so we will and we'll have a nice time!!


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