Sunday, June 5, 2011

And Now He's Five!

He went from this(a week old):

To this(age 5):

All that in just 5 short years. He is my second born, Av.

He is sweet, kind, and lazy. Its an interesting combination but it works for him. He who is on his own timeline and always has been.
He rolled over, both directions, at 2 weeks and he held his head up with no real wobble at a week(see first pic). He didnt sit up til 9 months. He didnt walk til after he was a year and he refused to give up his bottle, even for a sippy cup, til 18 months when he decided he was done and drank straight from a cup from that point on. He wouldnt talk except in his own sweet language til after he was 2, not even a mama or dada, although he completely understood what we said or what we asked of him. He was just satisfied talking his own talk. He still isnt potty trained and as horrid as that is(and trust me I hate it) there isnt anything physically wrong with him, he's just lazy and wont do it til he's darn good and he has all his life.

He is also the most kind and giving person you'll meet. He sees you upset and he does what he can to bring the smile or laugh back to your face. One time, when he was a bit over 2, his big brother got in trouble and didnt get cookies for snack. He was crying and upset so Av went over and handed him one of his 2 cookies just so his big brother would stop crying and feeling sad. That is just who Av is.

He's a charmer, could charm a snake back into the ground with a flash of his devilishly sweet smile. Cant ever stay mad at him even if you want to.

Its just who he is and Im proud to be his mommy and proud he is part of our family...making our day brighter and being a good brother(most days)to his big and little brothers.

Happy #5 my AveryDoodle...glad it was a good one!

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