Thursday, June 9, 2011

No More Chemo

My husbands platelets are just not recovering after his chemo sessions like they should. Noone wants to risk his marrow collapsing completely and all that that would mean. So we had new CT scans done last week and today the doctor sent in a prescription(probably get it in a week)for a new experimental pill that is designed to prolong life.

This means we are in the end run, hopefully we can get several years out of this drug but who knows. Either way we will stay positive, hope the side effects are minimal and take things a day at a time.

The pill can damage the liver(thats where the cancer is mainly) and thyroid(so now he'll have to have that checked every 3 months). Plus other icky side effects. We shall see how it goes and do like always...take it a day at a time!

His CT scans showed that the tumors in his liver and lungs hadnt really done much changing(except in the hylar region and they shrunk a bit but were still seeable and such). However, his spleen has grown again by 3 cm's!! Not one bloomin' thing they can do either cuz they said it wont rupture without trauma to it(not sure I buy that). So we just have to make sure he isnt doing stuff that will whack that area hard.

He's so tired anymore, I feel bad cuz I cant help him and he isnt sure why he's so tired either. *sigh*

On the bright side, we got the car registration renewed today and didnt spend but around an hour in the DMV!!!!!!!



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