Saturday, June 18, 2011

READ the Labels Please Before Prescribing...

So we finally got Dans new meds in the mail yesterday. The literature we were given in the doctors office was soooo much propaganda and didnt even cover 1/2 of what can go down with this medicine.

The literature we were given said there was like a 45% increase in those who stayed alive after a year by taking this pill. The actual insert with instructions and side effects and ingredients and all that....5% of those who took this lived past a year. Ummm what kind of odds are those????????????????

And Dans cancer is small cell, this pill is for NON small cell. So um would it even work at all? Plus he has an enlarged spleen so he must be cautious to not cause trauma to that area or bleeding and all that....this stuff has a high chance of causing internal bleeding(particularly in the stomach area). Ummmm not a good idea to even risk it with a man who has the issues he does, wouldnt ya think anyway?

So he says he wont take it. He will call the oncology nurses on Monday and see what they have to say(he trusts them over all the doctors in that clinic even his new one). I know that for now he wont take them but he may change his mind after speaking to them...we shall see. I dont want him taking stuff that he's uncomfy with and has all these serious side effects that we certainly dont wanna risk...kwim?

We see his oncologist again on the 29th, see what happens then. All I know is that I cant wait to move out of this state cuz perhaps we'll be lucky to get a set of doctors that will have more to say or more to pull out of their hats then what these guys have done. There has got to be something to help kill this crap that wont kill his platelets too.


Tomorrows Fathers Day and he never wants me to do anything for him yet I always have(probably guilt over him never doing anything for me for Mothers day). I wont feel guilty over not having our kids thank him for being a good daddy and all that. Plus, this year was the first year one of our kids(our 7 yr old)actually asked to get him something...not gonna say no to that. So I made sure to get him this really nice blue tie and a card from the boys and one from me. I like letting him know how I feel about him from time to time so this provides an opportunity for that as well.

I hope everyone who reads this has a nice and calm Fathers Day celebrating those men in our lives who helped create us, helped raise us, and who helped us create life.



  1. Yeah...I'm not sure I would take the pills either. I'm kinda a skeptic when it comes to meds anyway (even though I am on more now that I have EVER been...he he he).

    Thoughts and prayers are with him...and you.


  2. Oh sweetie, I despair of the medical profession.