Friday, June 3, 2011

Cart Before Horse, Zones, and Other Such Goings On

So since my last update a few things have changed.

Dans about ready to end chemo it looks like. Everytime they give him the drugs his platelet count(as well as the white and red cell count)go down. And its taking longer and longer for it to recover, used to take a week and now takes like 3 weeks to get back up to a decent level. Not even a great level just a decent one.

So at our last visit(nearly 3 weeks ago)we were told he'd probably end up on a chemo pill. Near as I can find its really a maintenance pill to prolong and hold the cancer steady for as long as possible. So its kind of the end of the road treatment-wise. Dans already in that zone while Im waiting to see if the doctor, for sure, is gonna do this. Dan thinks Im not accepting that this is the end and now its just wait for the end to come be it a few months or years, etc.

Ive accepted that the end will come but I dont like saying things are gonna happen when the doctors change their mind everytime we go in. So Id rather wait til the 8th(next appt)and see what he says or does then go from there. To me its like putting the cart before the horse but Dans already in the zone and you cant explain yourself once he's there.

Boys are doing alright, they really dont get any of this even tho they know daddy is very sick. Dan tried to explain it to our oldest(he's 7) and thinks he got it but I dont think so. It doesnt really matter, these are subjects that are mentioned and talked about quite often and we dont hide the kids in their room while they are being discussed so they are bound to catch on and we'll talk to them more specifically and answer any of their questions as they come up.

Dan is getting new scans done this morning so we'll know exactly where the cancer is and all that jazz by the time we get to the doctors next week too. He's hurting so much in the abdomen we are both concerned its spreading since chemo has been so screwy and non-existent(basically).

Not much else really going on. Trying to save up to move in September but Im still holding my breath on that one too.

Kids are being ok. They get bored and they are just super active all the time always wanting to do, do, and do some more. I feel bad that the construction and other things hinder their outside activity. We dont really have a backyard as this is an apartment but we could do more walking and such if it werent for construction all over the place making it unsafe.

Guess thats about it for now. Think I caught everyone up to date!


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